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Our commitment with Dephy farms

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What are Dephy farms?

Main action of the Écophyto plan, the DEPHY farms network aims to try economical methods in plant protection products. Today there are 3,000 of them signing up for innovative methods.

The DEPHY network aims to reduce the use of phytosanitary products in France to reconcile an economically and ecologically efficient agriculture and to preserve public health.

The DEPHY farms network has three compatible objectives:

  • prove that it is possible to reduce the use of plant protection products on farms;
  • try out farming systems that are economical in plant protection products;
  • create references on systems using few plant protection products.

Treatment frequency index (TFI)

The treatment frequency index (TFI) enables us to control and assess the quantity of plant protection product used for vine treatments. It corresponds to the number of authorized doses used per hectare.

It is a way to follow developments and compare practices.

It is the departmental TFI that serves as a base for assessing input reduction performances, considering technical, economic and social parameters.

We have been a part of these farms since 2010, so we can see the evolution of the practices put in place.

Our winery is considered very economical in terms of inputs.


Château de Lucey’s FTI (fungicide, insecticide, weedkiller)