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At the end of World War I, Jean Baptiste Morel bought the castle to the General de Boigne’s great grand-daughter, Madame Siffredi.

My great grand-father was an industrial in the Isère region, with a keen interest for history and archeology.

His interest for the archives unfortunately does not facilitate our comprehension of the castle’s historical chronology. Nevertheless, he undertook excavations near the Rhône River, in a Gallo-Roman villa near the hamlet of Etain. A certain amount of pottery fragments are now placed in the English bookcases (ordered by the General of England) in the office next to the living room. He also built a sawmill electrically powered by a turbine to light up the castle.

Upon his death, at the end of the 1960s, my grand-mother Simone de Camaret inherited of the castle and, with much passion and hard work, was able to maintain the castle in good shape before handing it down to my mother Nicole Defforey.

My parents, Charles and Nicole Defforey, took on a great amount of technical and aesthetic works to upgrade the castle, renovating the house to a more comfortable modern state (central heating, toilets, electricity, swimming pool…)

The freestone-built façades covered in the beginning of the 19th century had their roughcast stripped off and the roofs were all redone.

During the construction work, original wall paintings dating from the 17th century, created for the wedding of one of the Marquis de Lucey’s daughter with Jean de Seyssel, were discovered and restored. These frescoes represented mythological scenes mainly found in castles around Piedmont region; scenes from, for example, “Jason and the Golden Fleece” or “The Abduction of Ganymede by Zeus”.

Charles Defforey studied and reclassified all of the archives.

Antoine de Galbert

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