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De Boigne family

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At the start of the 19th century, the last Marquise of Lucey sells the property to the Count of Grésy-sur-Aix, who then re sells in 1816 to a property merchant, Félix Cottarel.

The year after, in March 1817, the General Count Benoit de Boigne ceases the opportunity to buy the castle for 800 Francs and rebuilds all of the parts destroyed during the Revolution.

The General, often away, was still able to redo the roof, redecorate the castle with over thirty of the same seats, and begin the construction of a false tower in the same style the King was making for the Hautecombe Abbey. The tower had as sole purpose of masking the unused foothills. It is also said that this space was used for certain receptions held by the Countess Adèle when she came to receive her pension.

It is nonetheless his son, Aly-Baksh, also known as Charles-Alexandre de Boigne, deceased in 1853, who took on the most important works, giving the buildings their main aspects still present to this day. A town church was built with an oriental dome to remind us of his family origins. He then married Césarine Vialet de Montbel who became the Countess of Boigne at the age of 16.

The third Count, Ernest Paul Marie de Boigne, their son, became Mayor of Lucey from 1888 to 1895, the year of his death. The Count Ernest will have lived in Lucey for many years and we owe him the “troubadour” constructions which we have access to from the main courtyard. He also made quite a few interior arrangements and comfortable installations.

The de Boigne funereal vault is situated in the chapel next to the Lucey church where an urn containing the general’s heart is still present. The de Boigne Family still exists and we had the pleasure of having one of their descendants come visit us recently.

Antoine de Galbert

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