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The revolution

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An order was decreeted in 8 pluviôse an II by Louis-Antoine Albitte, citizen and representative of the people, while on mission in the departments of l’Ain and the Mont-Blanc:

Considering that one of the powerful means used by feudalists to humiliate and enslave its people was to hide in narrow spaces, difficult of access, by building ramparts from which they could push them from, the order declared that:

…All fortified castles, fortresses existing in the departments of l’Ain and the Mont-Blanc, all towers, walls with corner towers, machicolations, drawbridges, and other fortifications shall be demolished without further a due and all pits recovered and bridged…

And that is what happened. The castle drew many of Louis-Antoine Albitte’s comrades to care for it, of which a certain Mr Morel, like my great grand-father. The towers and donjons were all reduced but their complete destruction was luckily avoided thanks to the objection of Lucey’s inhabitants who only partially respected the Convention’s decree.

Antoine de Galbert