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The wine estate of the Château de Lucey cultivates 520 acres of Altesse, 80 acres of Mondeuse and 60 acres of Pinot, all registered as protected sources: Roussette de Savoie and Vin de Savoie.

The Mondeuse and Altesse are two typical vine varieties of the Savoy region.

The Altesse variety, first planted in the 14th century by the Mareste Family in between the “Altesses” hillsides of Lucey and “Marestel” hillsides of Jongieux, contributed to the development of the Roussette de Savoie.

The Mondeuse has been known since Antiquity. Already cultivated by the Celtic tribe of the Allobroges, it was highly appreciated by the Romans.

A rich mix of clay and limestone present in the soil as well as the Bourget Lake and Rhone river microclimate, make the ideal combination for the growth of these vines.