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The grape varieties

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The choice of grape varieties is compatible with the history of this region: Altesse and Mondeuse are two typically Savoyard grape varieties. As for the Pinot Noir, a Burgundy grape variety, it adapts well with the hillsides of Savoie.

The distribution of grape varieties on Château de Lucey’s  vineyard is as follows:

    • 5.2 ha of Altesse
    • 90 ares of Mondeuse
    • 60 ares of Pinot Noir

Our Savoyard grape varieties (indigenous to Savoie)


The Altesse is a fragile vine plant (brittle wood, flower sensitive to coulure, grape variety prone to disease, …). The Altesse has tight and small grapes that produce random yields by year.



The origin of this grape variety remains a mystery so far… A beautiful story would bring it from Cyprus, Hungary or elsewhere… According to one of the many theories, this grape variety was set up between the 13th and 14th century. But it was in the 16th century that the baron of Lucey, Claude de Mareste, highlighted it on the hillside of “Les Altesses” in Lucey.

The Altesse is a truly interesting grape variety which is influenced by the terroirs and then reflects the diversity of soils, climates, vintages… offering us wines with very different profiles.

The wine from this grape variety is called Roussette de Savoie, because the grape berries turn red when they reach maturity.

It will give generous, full-bodied and aromatic wines with floral, spicy, white fruits and honey notes.


Grappe de raisins - Mondeuse, Savoie

The Mondeuse produces generous bunches of large berries which ripen late. It is genetically related to the Syrah (Rhône Valley).

It is an indigenous grape variety known since Antiquity. Already cultivated at the time of the Allobroges, it was very popular with the Romans.

On the eve of the phylloxera crisis, the Mondeuse covered more than half of the Savoyard vineyards. After having almost disappeared, it finds some reputation again and represents around 10% of the Savoyard vineyard.

This grape variety will give solid, tannic and aromatic wines with small red fruits, floral and spicy notes.

The Pinot Noir, a Burgundy grape variety

Pinot Noir

Emblematic grape variety of Burgundy, producing small and tight grapes, Pinot noir was introduced in Savoie after the Second World War where it adapted itself very well.

It is an early grape variety. In its growing, it is difficult to manage mildew (cryptogamic disease) and its flower is sensitive (coulure, millerandage …).

It gives rather light and fruity wines in high yields, but it can have a great body in lower yields.

Our wines from Pinot Noir