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Christophe Martin, the winemaker

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Introduction of Christophe Martin

First Christophe Martin worked as an industrial designer, but he finally chose to head towards viti-viniculture.

Initiated by some friends, he then resumed his studies for two years to obtain a Professional Certificate of Manager of Agricultural Farm, option Viticulture-Oenology.

After five years of experience in different wine estates and in various positions, Christophe was able to gain enough autonomy to manage the winery of Château de Lucey in 2010.



A word from the winemaker

« A great consideration for nature and life in general gives me a sensitivity with strict respect for the environment.

Agriculture has a significant influence on nature, the landscape, public health and social ties. Thanks to a certain freedom and a trust granted by the owners of the castle, I have the possibility of using cultural methods which respect these parameters and matter to me.

So, it was quite naturally that I convert the vineyard to organics. With ever more important objectives of reducing the environmental impact, organic farming is an essential stage and allows to maintain the rural landscape while bringing more serenity towards the inhabitants close, or not, to our farming.

As for social ties, they occur in different ways: at work, with a more rigorous need of workforce; with customers, for transparency that is much easier to give; and with colleagues, necessary for mutual assistance (technical, moral or material).

As winemaker, we develop a product from start to finish and we must be able to take part at all levels: from the growing of the vine to the selling, through human needs (vine maintenance, harvesting …) and the work in the cellar.

It is also necessary to take into account all the administrative, commercial and economic part. These complex but required aspects need a more united and good ethics.

Every day, this is how I think and adapt to work methods that head in the direction of common good. »

Description of Christophe by the Ministry of Agriculture