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The vines

The vineyard of the winery, located only in the village of Lucey

The Terroir

« The terroir is a specific geographical area, in which a human community builds during its history a collective productive knowledge, based on a system of interactions between a physical and biological environment (soil, climate, topography), and a set of human factors. »

INAO’s definition (National institute of origin and quality)

When the interactions between all these factors are naturally respected, a terroir can produce typical wines of high quality.


Lucey’s hillsides

The Savoyard foreland was geologically marked by the various ice ages. The Rhône glacier has shaped a very fragmented landscape, the pedology is rich with a wide variety.
We find clay-limestone scree on the heights, alluvial marls, subglacial marls…, the whole on Jurassic limestone rocks (Bathonian and Bajocian).

Lucey’s vineyard is located along the Rhône on a synclinal plateau located 100 m above it.

The proximity of the Rhône and Lake Bourget brings a more temperate microclimate, perfect for the vine with a south – southwest exposition which provides good sunshine.

The altitude of the plots varies between 230 m to 400 m.