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Altesse – « Les Altesses » 2018

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Rich and complex wine that expresses the special terroir of the Altesses. Historically, the grape variety Altesse comes from the plot "Les Altesses", highlighted by the Count of Mareste who lived in the castle in the 16th century. This plot may have given its name to the grape variety.

Altesse – « Les Altesses » 2018
AOC Roussette de Savoie

 | Certifié Agriculture Biologique

This wine is no more available. Don't hesitate to check our other wines !

In the vineyards

Only Bordeaux mixture and sulfur are used to manage the cryptogamic diseases of the vine: 1 kg/ha of copper metal against 4 kg/ha authorized and 35 kg/ha of sulfur.

Wine making & ageing process

Manual harvests. Wine based on a plot selection (the grapes used for this vintage always come from the same plot). Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Complete malolactic fermentation. Apart from the addition of a little SO2 during the bottling, no input has been added.
Aging for 10 months on lees.

Wine type
White wine
Grape variety
Savoie - Lucey - 300m in altitude, oriented south-west
Old Jurassic limestone
Continental and alpine

Deep pale gold color, with green and pearly tints.


Intense where the fruit is enriched by the presence of spicy and discreet honeyed notes: hawthorn, acacia, cooked pear, citrus zest, candied ginger, vanilla, fennel...


Aromatic, vivid and smooth with a mineral finish.

Wine Pairings

Will go well with starters based on foie gras, fish in sauce or desserts…

Cellaring potential

5 years. Will reach its peak between 2020 and 2022.

Wine analysis
  • Total SO2: 24 mg/l
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.38 g/l H2SO4
  • Residual Sugars: 2 g/l
  • Alcohol: 12.83 %
  • Capacity: 75 cl

This wine is no more available. Don't hesitate to check our other wines !