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Altesse – “Plaisir”

AccueilAltesse – “Plaisir”
"Nothing is more serious than pleasure" J. Cocteau

Altesse – “Plaisir”
Sparkling wine - Champagne method

 | Certifié Agriculture Biologique

Vinification & élevage

Our sparkling wine is produced with the Champagne method (“méthode traditionnelle” in French).

This method involves a double fermentation: one in the vat and the second in the bottle which gives the effervescence (= carbon dioxide produced during this 2nd fermentation). It is at this time that a sediment is formed in the bottle (maturing on lath for at least 9 months). Its evacuation is compensated by the addition of a dosage (“liqueur d’expédition” in French, which is wine and sugar) which will define the type of sparkling wine: brut nature (zero sugar), extra-brut (<6g), brut (6-12g ), dry (12-32g), semi-dry (> 32g).

Our sparkling wine is maturing during 20 months on lath, and is brut nature.

Type de vin
White sparkling wine
Savoie - Lucey - 400m in altitude, oriented south-west
Deep soil on bottom moraine
Continental and alpine
Accords Mets & Vins

Vivid and fruity wine with fine bubbles.

Universal wine, from aperitif to dessert. Can accompany fish, cheese platters, Savoyard specialties…