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"Nothing is more serious than pleasure" J. Cocteau

Altesse – « Plaisir »
Sparkling wine - Champagne method

 | Certifié Agriculture Biologique

Wine making & ageing process

Our sparkling wine is produced with the Champagne method (“méthode traditionnelle” in French).

This method involves a double fermentation: one in the vat and the second in the bottle which gives the effervescence (= carbon dioxide produced during this 2nd fermentation). It is at this time that a sediment is formed in the bottle (maturing on lath for at least 9 months). Its evacuation is compensated by the addition of a dosage (“liqueur d’expédition” in French, which is wine and sugar) which will define the type of sparkling wine: brut nature (zero sugar), extra-brut (<6g), brut (6-12g ), dry (12-32g), semi-dry (> 32g).

Our sparkling wine is maturing during 20 months on lath, and is brut nature.

Wine type
White sparkling wine
Grape variety
Savoie - Lucey - 400m in altitude, oriented south-west
Deep soil on bottom moraine
Continental and alpine
Wine Pairings

Vivid and fruity wine with fine bubbles.

Universal wine, from aperitif to dessert. Can accompany fish, cheese platters, Savoyard specialties…